Why Is My Cat Spraying Everywhere?

cats sprayingIt’s never a good thing when a cat sprays urine – on your items, the walls of your home, as well as your carpet. The stench can linger, and your home can be left smelling of urine for a while. There is no doubt that a cat spraying urine is normal cat behavior and many cat owners wish to know why cats spray urine and what can be done to stop them.

Why does a cat spray?

When cats spray urine, they are marking their territory. When another cat senses that a territory has been marked by another, this cat is likely to stay off this space, since it is already another cat’s. This is sometimes taken as a challenge as well, and cats could end up fighting for a specific territory. This can also occur when cats have just moved into a home that is new. Either way, the behavior is primal and intrinsic to the feline species. Even neutered cats are predisposed to this behavior.

Cats also spray in order to entice a potential partner. A female feline that is in heat is likely to spray as a way of communicating with a male cat and letting the latter know that she is ready to mate and reproduce. Cats can also spray urine when there is a new baby or cat, as spraying is a means for cats to communicate any feelings of insecurity or fear. Cats are likely to spray urine in order to assert their presence and territory.

How to keep a cat from spraying

  • In the event that you have just transferred to a new home or a cat has a new owner, these owners can begin by playing with or feeding the cat to make the cat feel secure and safe.
  • Neutering is a good way of keeping cats from spraying. One big factor that contributes to cats spraying is hormones, and so getting cats neutered puts a stop to this. Bear in mind, however, that it could take several weeks to see results.
  • A cat spraying deterrent, otherwise known as a cat repellent spray, is an effective means of keeping cats from certain areas of your home, including outdoors. These and outdoor motion-activated pet deterrents are also an effective means of implementing more order in your home.
  • Block access to the room or rooms where your cat has a tendency to spray urine. Another way of dealing with this is to have your cat play in the room that the cat sprays. You can also place your cat’s litter box and feeding bowl in this area. Cats are not likely to spray where they feed.
  • A lot of powerful cleansers should help you neutralize the smell of cat urine. You could use regular Lysol for this, or use a solution of water and vinegar.
  • It is not a good idea for cat owners to punish their cats for spraying. This leads to stronger feelings of fear and insecurity, which can only exacerbate the problem.