Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

cats eat grassWe all know that cows graze and eat grass, and yet it turns out, dogs and cats can also do the same. Why do cats eat grass? A lot of cat owners are concerned by their cat eating grass, and many cat owners are concerned and wish to find out why cats do this. A lot have suggested varying reasons for this.

Why do cats eat grass and throw up?

A lot of cat owners have presented this issue to their cat’s vet, and have checked books and the internet for a good explanation. There are those that say this is hazardous, while others say that cats eating grass is completely natural, and should not be a cause for concern. With this, a lot are confused as to what the truth really is. The truth about cats grazing is that nobody really knows why cats do it. The only thing that is clear is that cats do it. The only thing that we can do is ensure our cat’s safety when they graze. Horses and cows are known to graze, but the difference between these animals, sheep, goat and other natural grazers is that in their systems, there are specific enzymes that enable them to effortlessly digest grass, while cats and dogs (which are also mammals) do not have these enzymes. This is why there is a high possibility that they will vomit as soon as they feed on a certain amount of grass. In the event that purging or regurgitation does not occur, ingested grass will be passed in the stool.

Should I worry about my cat eating grass?

Featured in this website is a list of grasses or weeds that are poisonous to cats. It is vital to make sure that our cats stay away from these weeds and grasses, as well as other pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers that have toxins, which could be harmful to cats. If these weeds and grasses do not grow in your area, then your cat’s habit of eating grass really should not be a cause for concern. Feral, wild and domesticated cats feed on grass. Grass is mostly carbohydrates and water, but also contains a small amount of vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and proteins that can be good for cats. Most importantly, grass contains fiber that is good for a balanced diet. Just the same, cats and dogs should be fine even if they do not eat grass.

What is cat grass?

Otherwise known as Dactylis glomerata, cat grass is said to be the best grass for cats to eat. This type of grass is safe and contains an array of essential nutrients. Several blades of cat grass should be enough to give your cat the supplemental nutrients that your cat needs from grass. You can buy it here.