Is The Ragdoll Cat The Right Breed For You?

The Ragdoll cat breed is best known for its gentle manners and affectionate personality. Perhaps the most easy-going breed of all cat breeds, Ragdoll cats are very docile and great to have around as a lap warmer. The cats got their name from the fact that they tend to go completely relaxed and limp when picked up.

However, as with most pets, not all Ragdoll cats are the same. That is why it is important for you to make sure that you pick the right one from a group of Ragdoll cats for sale. But how? Read below for some tips.

Is It The Right Breed For You?

As already mentioned, rag doll cats are a gentle breed of cats. Therefore, if you were expecting an aggressive little hunter, you will be sorely disappointed with your ragdoll cat. Rather, a rag doll cat makes up for its apparent shortcomings by remaining one of the most delightful home buddies to have around.

A typical ragdoll cat has a short, stocky body covered with medium-long coat. The coat colors are varied, with the most common being the seal point type similar to that of a Siamese cat. The ragdoll cat’s medium-long hair is relatively low maintenance. Many cat owners make do with a gentle brush down at least twice a week. However, grooming and bathing should be done regularly as the cat’s coat does tend to mat.

Therefore, if you do not expect to have a lot of time spent grooming your pet, consider the inclusion of professional grooming as part of your pet costs in the future. Otherwise, take the time and effort to personally groom your cat.

Choose The Right Ragdoll Cat Breeder

Once you have decided that you really want a ragdoll cat for a pet, then time for you to choose the breeder. Ask a vet for recommendations. Alternatively, you can also ask any of your friends who have cat pets or even members of your family.

Just be sure to keep your option as wide as possible. List down the names and contact info of the breeders recommended to you. Make some calls and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

If you have time, do try to visit the places where these breeders keep their ragdoll cats. Reputable breeders should be more than happy to receive you into their houses and let you see their cats. While there, be sure to check the facilities and condition of the cats.

Ask To See The Parents

While visiting with the breeder, you should try to ask to see the parents of your ragdoll kittens. Often, the breeder may only have either one of the parents as it is common practice to breed females owned by one breeder with stud cats owned by another breeder. If the breeder only has one of the parents, ask if you could see a photo or some details to help you identify the pedigree of your pet.

Choose A Ragdoll Kitten That Has Been Socialized

You can always tell a kitten that has been properly socialized to one that is not used to humans by its behavior around you. Observe the kitten carefully, keeping an eye out for self-assurance and confidence in the kitten’s behavior in your presence.

The kitten should not be hiding away or refuse to be petted. Rather, they should be happy to interact and play with you. Don’t try to handle the kitten, however, unless it has been vaccinated. Kittens generally love to play and cuddle. You can use this time to bond with the kitten.

There are plenty more concerns to be addressed when it comes to choosing a ragdoll cat. Besides making sure that you get your cat from a reputable breeder, it is also important that he can provide you with the proper registration papers and signed vaccination certificates.