Is Purina A Good Diet For Your Cat?

When you are facing rows and rows of shelves containing different cat food brands that all look totally the same to you, do not resort to picking one out through guessing game. Unless you want to compromise your cat’s health, make sure that you know what you’re supposed to be getting before you head out to the nearest grocery store.

Purina is one of the oldest brands of pet food in the market. It has been providing pet and their owners more than 75 years of healthy products. Thus, if you’re confused what particular food your pet deserves, ask the expert. Purina has been around long enough to know what pets need.

You probably know that each cat’s nutritional requirements vary as he ages. That is, his dietary needs while he was still a kitten are different from those when he becomes an adult cat. Thus, feeding him with the cat food appropriate for every life stage is crucial for him to stay healthy and fit.

Purina is proud of its extensive cat food collection. It has several choices for each life stage. Choose from among the kitten food, adult cat food, senior cat food, targeted nutrition cat food, cat treats, and cat litter. With these various products, Purina has proven its advancement in providing the best nutrition and health care for felines.

The Purina cat food products are varied, that is why choosing from among them can be very confusing. To give you a better view, you may choose from among the three major cat food types: canned, dry, and soft-moist. But even if they are totally different from one another, they are still capable of giving the most complete nutrition for your pet cat.

The Purina dry cat food is composed of crispy nibbles that are supposed to lessen the onset of tartar and plaque on the cat’s teeth. Dry foods are also practical as they do not spoil as easily as the two other types.

Purina’s soft moist cat food products provide greater taste, and are easier to serve and store.

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The different canned products are known to offer the best taste among all three types. However, these are also the fastest to spoil. Thus, it requires refrigeration once opened.

Purina is also proud of its Purina ONE line of cat and dog food products. This line is specially created to provide pets with the right nutrition according to what their bodies need. So regardless if your pet is a kitten, an adult, or an aging feline, the Total Nutrition and the Targeted Nutrition products from Purina ONE are capable of giving the superior nutrition that your cat needs.

Purina ONE’s Targeted Nutrition products category is a unique collection of specialized cat food formulations. These are the following products under this category: Healthy Weight Formula, Advanced Nutrition Hairball Formula, Urinary Tract Health Formula, Sensitive Systems, and Advanced Hairball & Healthy Weight.

And because Purina cat food has been around long before other brands came into existence, it has also pioneered the comprehensive system needed for cat diabetes management. This two-part system, which is aimed at assisting cat owners deal with their cat’s disease includes monitoring your pet’s glucose level at home, and providing him with a diet high in protein to stabilize those levels.

The first step in the diabetes management system requires the Purina Glucotest Feline Urinary Glucose Detection System. The second step involves the protein-rich diet known as Purina DM Cat Food. These products can only be obtained through veterinarians.

If you want to obtain Purina cat food coupons and special discounts, Purina’s website will offer you more than that. So, cheers to your cat’s better health.