Is Milk Good for Cats?

There are some things that we think is OK to give to our pet cats, just because we see someone doing it on TV, or we assume that what is good for us humans will most probably be good for our cat as well – besides, we’re both mammals, aren’t we? It rarely occurs to us that what we are giving our cats might be bad for them. When our cats ask for certain foods or liquids that they like the smell of, a lot of us tend to give in just to appease our beloved pets.

Is Milk Bad For Cats?

In cartoons, movies, older TV shows, commercials and books, we see people giving milk to their cats, served in a shallow bowl. Is milk good for cats, or not? Giving milk to cats is actually not a good practice, and is among the things we shouldn’t do just because we see it done on TV. For one, milk is not something that cats necessarily need in their diet – for cats, the nutritional value of milk is very low. And while milk is not poisonous to cats, it is also not ideal for fully grown and mature cats. The reason for this is that the majority of these cats are lactose-intolerant. This tells us that their digestive systems are not able to properly process the sugars that are found in cow’s milk, goat’s milk, etc.

What Happens If I Give My Cat Some Milk? Are Cats Allergic To Milk?

Lactose-intolerant cats can suffer from drinking milk, and a lot of adult cats are lactose-intolerant, so after consuming some milk, these cats could be left with an upset stomach, or diarrhea. A cat that only subsists on milk is also likely to die because of lack of nutrition in this cat’s diet.

Why Do Cats Like Milk?

It might make sense that something a cat likes in smell or taste is most probably good for a cat. If you think about it, humans (including babies and children) also like the taste of sugar, and yet sugar is known to have very bad side effects, especially when consumed regularly and in considerable amounts, in sodas, candies, juices and desserts. From a biological perspective, it makes sense for cats to like the taste of milk because cats are also mammals with mammary glands that produce milk, and kittens drink this milk; cow’s milk (unless ultra-pasteurized) is not ideal for cats. If your cat is not lactose-intolerant or you wish to give your cat some milk from time to time, consider giving your cat some Cat Sip, which is a brand of milk that is taurine-fortified and “ultra-pasteurized”.  A cat’s digestive system will be able to process this milk without any problems.

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