Innova Can Be A Great Diet For Your Cat

While some felines love dry cat food, there are others that go for moist food. But choosing the right one is not as easy as it seems. And with shelves-full of options, cat owners have to contend with doing it the trial and error way.

Innova Cat food ends that hassle. For every life stage of your cat, Innova Cat provides him with the kinds of diet that contain only the best quality chicken and turkey. These foods are those that fall in the same category as what humans eat.

As the leader in pet food that uses advanced fresh cooking techniques, Innova Cat is able to fit in lean chicken and turkey, vegetables and fruit, whole grains, and lactose-free milk, and came up with the cat food that possess optimum nutrition and outstanding health benefits.

You can choose from the following Innova Cat food products: Innova Cat Food (dry), Innova Evo Cat Food, Innova Lite Cat Food, Evo Canned Cat Food, and Innova Cat Food Cans.

The Innova Cat Food or Innova dry cat food is divided into two categories: the Innova Cat Dry, and the Innova Cat Lite Dry. The Innova Cat Food is made from fresh and natural ingredients from all the food groups: dairy, meat, vegetables, grain, and fruit. It further contains vitamins, antioxidant, and Omega 3 and Omega 6. The Innova Cat Dry can be bought in either 6.6 lb or 16.5 lb packs. It is also available in Lite and cans.

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The Innova EVO Cat Food is formulated to safely and conveniently provide the nutritional benefits found in raw food diet. Both the Innova EVO Cat and Kitten food can be given as an entire or as combination with raw diet in order to achieve the nutrition containing the most essential vitamins and minerals.

The Innova Lite Cat Food is specially created as a natural and healthy diet for senior and/or overweight felines. Since these particular cats have certain dietary requirement, Innova Lite Cat Food gives them food that is made from wholesome ingredients from all five food groups.

The Innova EVO canned cat food contains turkey meat and ground chicken, fat, bones, connective tissue and cartilage. It also has raw vegetables and fruits containing micronutrients and phytochemicals which are all essential for good health.

The Innova Cat Food Cans will satisfy your cat’s craving for moist food while still giving them the nutrition needed in their diets. The Innova Cat Canned has all the natural and healthy ingredients that the other Innova Cat food does.

One Innova Cat food review online says that it is the best dry cat food available in the market as it is created to imitate raw food diet, without any by-product and artificial preservatives. Furthermore, it contains about 36% protein. This level is beneficial for normal cats, although those with kidney intolerances or kidney issues may require lesser protein level. Even though the Innova Cat food may be somewhat more expensive than other brands, you only need to feed your cat a lesser amount of it (around 2/5 of a cup) because of the high level of nutrients it contains.

All of Innova Cat food recipes are taken from extensive animal health research. The results of the various studies have triggered Innova to raise the amounts of vitamins in all its recipes. That means, each Innova product contains Vitamins A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C, in levels that the body requires.

No matter how domesticated cats may have evolved into, they are still carnivores at heart. Thus, we can let them be what they actually are born to be – the safer and easier way.