Looking For Really Nutritious Cat Food? Check Out Iams

With the wide cat food selection available in the market today, finding the right food for our pet is indeed a very challenging responsibility. But just because the number of choices leave us dazed, it does not mean that we merely pick out what we first see on the shelves.

Choosing the most appropriate food for our pet cats should not be a game of eenie meenie mynie moe. Each one of us, humans and pets alike, have different nutritional requirements that are based on our lifestyles and life stages. Thus, what could be a good diet for one, may not be as good for another.

Iams, a cat and dog food brand under the Procter & Gamble Company was initially established in 1946 by Paul Iams, an animal nutritionist. In September 1999, Procter & gamble acquired the Iams Company.

Whether you have a month old kitten or a 10 year old cat, Iams cat food has something perfect for your feline pet. Choose from the Dry Iams Kitten to the two canned options, Canned Iams Chicken Entrée Kitten Food, and Canned Iams Slices with Turkey in Gravy Kitten Food. The variety of Iams kitten food all boast of higher energy density necessary in meeting the calorific requirements of rapidly-growing kittens.

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Adult cats possess entirely different nutritional needs than the younger felines. Thus, Iams gives cat owners a large selection of dry, canned, and select bites options for their pet cats. Each variant provides cats great tasting meal without losing on the important nutritional value. Since cats love variety, they will love each of the Iams cat food available.

You will also find that mature cats have their very own cat food formula in Iams. The senior cat food products are available in dry, canned and select bites as well. Since aging cats need a varied dietary requirement, it is wise to feed your cat the kind of food that will help him meet those needs.

Iams aims to assist you in making your pet achieve a healthier and longer life. Thus, when you choose to feed him Iams cat food., you are actually nourishing him with natural ingredients and a host of vitamins and minerals. There are different Iams formulas according to your pet’s specific lifestyle, life stage, and level of activity. Iams can also provide you assistance with whatever needs your pet cat may have. Concerns like weight management, hairball issues, and mature nutrition are some of the most common problems cat owners have to deal with. If you want help and expert advice on these matters and other pet-related issues, you may visit Iams’ website. It can generate a product recommendation according to your pet’s life stage, weight, activity, and whether your cat is pregnant or nursing. You only have to provide them with those details and you’re on your way to getting the most appropriate food product for your cat.

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Despite having achieved its vision of providing quality nutrition for pet, Iams has had its share of criticisms. Several animal rights organizations have strongly expressed their criticisms against the alleged animal testing practice done by Iams Company. To disprove these allegations, the Iams Company has opened its doors to unannounced visits and has shared every detail of its work. Thus, Iams has continued to win the hearts of pets and pet owners alike.