How To Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant

“Is my cat pregnant?” A lot of cat owners have asked this question because it is not always easy to tell if a cat is pregnant, especially if you are not breeding your pet. There are times when cat owners only find out that their cat is pregnant by the time their cats are in their third trimester. With cats, mothers do not always start to appear as if they are carrying kittens, at least not until about 14 days before they give birth. Also, there are different breeds of cats, and Persian cats in particular do not tend to experience bleeding or initial estrus until they are a couple of years old. Cats are usually able to produce offspring during their ‘teenage’ years. If you wish to find out how to tell if your cat is pregnant, below are some standard symptoms and signs to keep an eye out for.

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Pregnant Or In Heat?

First of all, you can try to distinguish between a cat that is merely in heat and one that is pregnant by the “signs”. Mollies (a molly being a female cat) will show that she is in heat by being very vocal. This molly will show her affection for other cats, as well as other people. This cat may howl as she rolls on the floor, and this cat will let her mate know that her body is ready for reproduction. This cat will most likely have her tail pointing towards one side, and her bottom up in the air.

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How To tell If A Cat Is Pregnant

Among the other symptoms of pregnancy for cats are enlarged nipples that are rather pinkish in color and soft-looking. Also try to see if your cat is gaining weight, especially in your cat’s midsection. This should be a sign of uterine growth. Cats that are pregnant also have a tendency to have a bigger appetite than usual, and so if your cat is asking for food more than usual, combined with the abovementioned symptoms, then it is very much possible that your cat is pregnant. Cats are also likely to be ‘sweeter’ to humans and other cats when pregnant. Finally, mother cats will start constructing a nest as she prepares to give birth.

How Long Is A Cat Pregnant For?

Another question many cat owners have asked is “How long is a cat pregnant?” While humans give birth within 40 to 42 weeks, for cats, the gestation period is longer. You can expect to wait about 9 weeks or 58 to 65 days before your cat gives birth. By and large, cats give birth to about 3 to 5 kittens at a time, but as much as 8 kittens (or 10, See Kellys comment!) can be expected.