How Long Does A Cat Stay In Heat?

A lot of folks wish to know the answer to this question: how long does a cat stay in heat? Cats that are in heat tend to act aggressively and make a lot of noises that leave many cat owners alarmed. It is during the fall or springtime that intact female cats (those which have not been spayed) are likely to experience this, and the condition is otherwise known as “estrus”. In a single season, estrus can occur more than once.

How Long Is A Cat In Heat?

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Is my cat in heat? If you are unsure and wish to know more about cats that are in heat and the heat cycle, read on. During the estrus cycle of a female cat, she is likely to go through five phases. First, there is the Proestrus phase, there may not be a lot of visible symptoms that will let you know that your cat is in heat. However, at this point, a male cat will feel attraction to a female cat, and yet the latter will not want to mate. This can last for a day or two.

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Next is the Estrus phase. At this point, a female cat will consider mating. Among the many symptoms of this is some discharge (bloody), as well as a bulging vulva. However, dogs are more likely to show these symptoms. In cats, you will see a change in their behavior. Cats are likely to roll around on the floor, screech and vocalize, stick their rear end up in the air, as well as not eat as much as they regularly would. Many tend to assume that cats are experiencing pain when they do these things, but these are actually signs of estrus. This can last anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. In the event that a female cat is not impregnated during this period, estrus may occur again after a few days.

After the Estrus phase comes Interestrus, which is the length of time between cycles of estrus. This can occur for 2 to 3 weeks.

Next, Diestrus or Metestrus occurs. This refers to the actual mating process and can last anywhere from a month to 40 days. In the event of pregnancy, this can last for as much as 2 months, plus a few days more.

Finally, the Anestrus phase comes into play. This is a time when no hormonal or sexual activities are likely to take place, and can occur in between stages of the estrus. This can last for about 60 to 90 days or so.

How To Calm A Cat in Heat?

The best way to calm a cat in heat is to soothe your cat by way of gentle, soothing strokes and massages, as well as cuddling, petting or brushing your cat’s hair. The heat cycle can come to a halt when a cat becomes pregnant.