A Great Diet For Your Pet Cat; A Look At Friskies Cat Food

Cats, like his untamed cousins such as lions, tiger, or cougars, are naturally carnivores. Thus, it should not come as a surprise if your tabby craves meat. But is simply giving him what he wants all there is to it?

Friskies is a brand of cat food that aims to help cat owners deal with feeding issues. Since proper nutrition dictates the wellness of everyone, cats included, the felines’ food should contain all the necessary elements to achieve good health.

Friskies cat food has a wide range of products according to your cat’s needs and life stage. Friskies has food products especially formulated for growing kittens ages 1-12 months. Since kittens’ growth is so rapid, it is crucial to give them the kind of diet that will help them achieve their maximum growth potential.

Friskies offers tips on how to properly feed your pet kitten. From birth to a month old, ensure that your kitten is fed on his mother’s milk. Like humans, the mother’s milk will help the newborn obtain maternal antibodies which are essential in fighting infections and diseases. Stage two happens when the kitten is a month to about 12 weeks old. During this time, your kitten may not start eating solid cat food. To make weaning from mother’s milk easier, serve moistened Friskies cat food four times a day. You may gradually decrease the amount of water each week. Stage 3 takes place when your kitten reaches three months. After the weaning stage, your kitten is bound to grow much more rapidly. Thus, it now requires foods that are very nutritious and rich in energy. When he reaches 12 months, your pet may now be introduced to the Friskies dry adult varieties.

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When your pet cat reaches one year old, his dietary requirements are not the same as when he was younger. Thus the Friskies Adult formula is the best to offer pet cats ages 1-7 years old. This highly nutritional and balanced meal contains antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins to assist them achieve overall wellness.

Senior cats, or felines above seven years old, have different nutritional requirements than their younger counterparts. Thus Friskies Senior came up with just the right product perfect for the aging cats. This formula contains antioxidants that are necessary in enhancing their immune system and reducing the negative effects of aging.

Friskies feel that indoor pet cats do not have the same dietary needs as the outdoor ones. Since indoor felines are generally less active, they require the kind of food that will help reduce litter box odor without sacrificing the nutritional content necessary for their kind of lifestyle. So if your pet cat is the couch potato type, Friskies has the most appropriate meal for him.

The overweight problem is not only a human issue. Cats tend to gain more weight than necessary. Friskies cat food special diet aims to help cats achieve their proper weights. The Weight Management is a special cat food formulation that contains lesser amounts of calories, fat, and carbohydrates than the other Friskies cat food products.

There is a wide range of Friskies cat food to choose from. Aside from those formulated according to the cat’s life stages, there are also other specialized products such as the Friskies Dental Diet Cat Food. Aside from being a good diet alternative, this helps lessen dental problems as well.

If you want to know what other cat owners think of the different Friskies products, you may read their reviews on Friskies cat food online. The reviews will give you a tip or two on what particular product you should choose for your pet feline. And with the huge Friskies selection, you definitely could use some help.