The Best Flea Treatment for Cats

Unfortunately, fleas are not something we cat owners often notice on our pet cats, until it is too late and our cat’s fur is already crawling with the tiny insects. Most owners of cats are used to grooming their cat, and yet the problem may not be apparent until our cat starts shedding, or some bumps begin to show up on the skin of cats. With felines that are light in color, fleas are much more noticeable, since fleas are dark in color. However, on fur that is darker in color, one will need a flea comb with fine teeth, in order to find the small dark dots, which are called “flea dirt”, a type of discharge that fleas leave behind. If you are looking for flea treatment for cats, read on.

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What fleas can do to your cat

Among the consequences of cat fleas is tapeworm, and kittens are especially prone to these. This is why they need to be regularly dewormed. As for cats that are older, if they are losing weight, show coat that is lacking in shine, as well as seem tired all the time, it is possible that they have tapeworms. As a cat owner, if you notice any white spots around your cat’s anus area (which appear a little like grains of rice), this might be an apparent sign that your cat has tapeworm. Some flea medicine for cats may be prescribed by your cat’s vet, in the form of a tiny pill that will get rid of fleas on your cat, and by controlling the flea infestation on your cat’s fur, you should be able to get rid of tapeworms.

How to get rid of cat fleas

The problem with infestations of fleas is that they can leave cats anemic with feline anemia, and for kittens, this can be life-threatening. If you want to find out if your cat suffers from flea infestation, what you can do is check to see if your cat’s gums are pale. If so, this is a sign that your cat has lost blood. There is even a worse kind of anemia that strikes cats, and this is brought about by a microorganism that is carried by fleas. To correct this type of feline anemia, the use of steroids and antibiotics will be necessary. And if your cat has lost a lot of blood, your cat’s vet may suggest blood transfusion.

Flea control for cats

Fleas can be very uncomfortable and itchy, and as a result, your cat can suffer from more infections and skin problems. There are plenty of topical treatments available, and among the best flea treatment for cats are Revolution, Frontline, as well as Advantage. These medications will help your cat get rid of fleas.