Choosing The Right Cat Urn To Comemorate Your Cat

There is time for happiness and a time for grief. Your cat was more than just a pet to you, more than just a companion. He was family and now he is gone. He deserves to be remembered and what better way to do that than by storing his ashes in a cat urn, one that you can keep in your home as a form of memorial to your furry friend.

But as with any other purchase that you have to make in your lifetime, there are many things to consider when choosing a cat urn to buy. After all, if your cat deserved only the best in life, then he deserves only the best in death as well.

What Is Your Budget?

This is pretty much self-explanatory. A cat urn may come in a wide range of prices from just under one hundred dollars to over three hundred. Usually, the price depends on how ornate or personalized the cat urn is. Some simple urn for a cat may be more expensive than ornate ones, simply because of the material used.

It really helps if you have a budget kept in mind when you start shopping for cat urns. You may want the best for your cat but splurging on an expensive Egyptian cat urn won’t really help you through the grieving period for your cat.

Where Do You Plan To Keep The Cat Urn?

If you were planning to keep the cat urn with your cat’s ashes in the drawing room of your house, then you might want an urn with a more elaborate design. Consider the interior design theme of your home. Is it modern and futuristic? If so, then you might want cat pet urns that are metallic silver or blue, making sure that the colors fit the overall theme of your drawing room.

Or perhaps, your drawing home is meant to give off that warm, “homey” feel. In that case, a personalized cat urn is what you need.

However, if you only plan to bury your cat’s ashes in your backyard and use the urn as a sort of coffin, then consider a plain urn of durable quality.

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What Type Of Urn Should You Choose?

Cat urns come in all shapes and sizes. There are big urns, small urns, cat-shaped urns, urns shaped like a box or a vase, etc. Sometimes, the variety of choices you have can be mind-boggling. Ultimately, you would have to rely on your personal taste and preference to choose the type of urn you want to put your furry friend in. Consider also where you want to put the urn in. Maybe you are thinking of placing the urn outside as a garden deco? In that case, you might want to get one of those burial markers with built-in urns that you can place in your home garden.

Will You Be Able To Personalize The Cat Shaped Urn? If So, How?

One of the advantages of buying a plain cat urn is that it allows room for personalization. If you want your cat’s urn to have a little personal touch from you, then you should just get a plain urn for a cat. That way, you can make your personal touches to the urn, such as hand carvings, glued flower or butterfly designs, paintings, etc.

However, all these may take some amount of time and a lot of effort. If you have neither, then a better option is to purchase a cat urn that allows for personalization. For example, you can get an urn with an etched brass plate where you can have your pet’s name engraved in. There are also urns that have special sides where you can insert photos of your pet (and you, if you want).

Choosing your cat’s urn may be a difficult and painful experience for you. However, once you are through the hard part, you realize that it helps you get through the grieving period and make you remember your pet in years to come.