How To Clean Up Cat Urine Effectively

Cats are amazing pets. Their presence adds pleasure to our lives. However, when we make cats a part of our lives, we can’t avoid them getting sick or ill. That is just one of the general concerns of cat ownership and one you should be prepared for.

One of the more common illnesses that affect a cat’s health is bladder problems. There are many reasons for this. Your cat may be under a lot of stress. Or your cat may be suffering from an infection (Urinary Tract Infection).

Whatever the reason might be, bladder problems almost always result in litter pan accidents, which means cat urine on the couch, the carpet, and all other nooks and spaces that your cat found as an alternative place to urinate or defecate.

Now, there are many websites that give out tons of information on how to prevent a cat from urinating in inappropriate places. There are dozens of websites that tell you how to litter train kittens and prevent litter pan accidents from happening. Yet, what if the accident already happened, what steps can you take?

In this article, you will learn exactly that as we give you some tips on how to clean cat urine and keep your house urine-free.

Tip #1: Look In The Usual Places

What are the usual places for litter pan accidents? They include the carpet, the couch, bathroom floor, and any other place where your cat seems to like to hang out, because that is usually where they tend to excrete cat urine, as well.

Tip #2: Arm Yourself With Cat Urine Cleaners

More often than not, there is cat urine odor left even after the stain is removed with detergent. Moreover, in some serious cat urine cases, the stains are invisible unless you use a special light.Of course, no cat urine removal task is ever going to be done if you don’t have the tools and supplies necessary to remove the cat urine odor and stains in the first place. Most people would simply use common detergent to remove cat urine stains from the carpet and couch. However, detergent does not always do the job.

Cat urine cleaning is a special task and therefore, it needs cleaning supplies and tools specialized specifically for removing cat urine. And what are these special tools? Here is a list of some of them:

• Black Light

Make sure it is made of fluorescent tube, not incandescent. Black light is a great help in pointing out areas with cat urine you otherwise missed when not using this special type of light. Cat urine glows when exposed to black light, thus making it easier for you to find and clean later. You can usually tell how old the cat urine stains are by their color. Newer stains are bright yellow while older ones are dull yellow or green.

• Sponges

Sponges are what you use to absorb fresh cat urine from the carpet or couch. Make sure that the sponge is fast-absorbing as cat urine runs very quickly. You want to catch it before it spreads to create an even larger stain on the carpet.

• Rubber Gloves

Cat urine is highly caustic. When cleaning cat urine from your carpet or couch, be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

• Cat Urine Cleaners

These include neutralizers, such as Nature’s Miracle, Zero-Odor and Urine-Off!, as well as sprays to help get rid of odors. These cat urine cleaners help break down the caustic enzymes in urine, thus eliminating any telltale odors and dissolving the urine molecules completely.

Tip #3: Go To The Vet

But despite the above-given tips, the best way to solve the problem of cat urine is prevention. And the first step to prevent cat urine problem is to know what caused the problem in the first place. Your cat may be suffering from an infection or behavioral problem that needs to be corrected. For that, you need to see your vet who is better trained to identify the problem for you.