Spoil Your Cat With Cat Treats

bonita flakesAll of us love treats – felines included. Cat treats can be wonderful rewards for positive behavior and as a means to reinforce certain behaviors during training.

Most people know that cats are born with the sharpest senses. But ironically, they are hard to train as well. Thus, it is not surprising why most cats are never the performing clowns like some pets are.

But to say that cats are untrainable is rather unfair. Cats are simply born as somewhat snobbish creatures. They have a “high and mighty” air about them that some people find very annoying. However, with patience and lots of affection, your pet cat is actually capable of being the performer that you want it to be.

While most cat owners use cat treats as efficient methods of motivating their pet cats to behave and follow orders, they can also be used merely as an expression of your affection for your feline.

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However, what may seem to be very harmless “gifts” can actually do more harm than good. To ensure that you are giving him the appropriate treats, it is important that you adhere to the some guidelines. Make sure you know what you intend to use them for. If you are planning on rewarding him with cat treats while training, purchase those smaller treats. These are easier and quicker to consume, making distraction from cat training minimal.

Plan out how often you will be giving your pet cat his treats. Cat toys and treats may work well in motivating your cat to follow commands, so you tend to give these to him freely. If this is the case, consider the low calorie or low fat ones to prevent him from gaining more weight than necessary.

Finally, since majority of cat treats are treated as prizes, you might want to involve your cat in choosing for his treats. There are numerous styles, flavors, and forms of treats available, and there are definitely those that your cat would prefer over the others.

If you are absolutely clueless on what particular cat treats you need to buy for your pet cat, there are some popular treats you can base your choice from. Tuna flakes, or sometimes known in the market as “bonita tuna flakes, or “Kitty Kaviar”, are a famous options of the pet cat themselves. These can be bought in either ½ or ¼ ounce containers in various pet supply stores. If you intend to load up on these treats, you may purchase them in bulk as well.

Pawbreakers is another good alternative. This particular cat treat actually works two ways: as a cat toy and as a cat treat. Pawbreakers is the ultimate catnip, bound to make a hard ball that is safe for cats to eat. Some cat owners do not find this too practical as this can sometimes be found hidden under some dust-filled sofa. If you opt for this, make sure you have some spares available.

Pill Pockets are heaven’s answer to cats that are hard to give medications to. If you have been inserting his pills into molded crumbs of cheese for the longest time, the Pill Pockets will end that strenuous task. These cat treats are conveniently shaped like a cone with a hole in the middle where you can pop the pill in. Your cat wouldn’t even notice he took his medications.

If you feel that your cat deserves better treats than those bought from store shelves, try making homemade cat treats for him. There are a lot of homemade cat treat recipes online that are easy-to- make. If you try your hand at some of them, you will most likely produce the best treats your cat has ever had.