Entertain And Stimulate Your Feline Friend With Cat Toys

If you are not a cat lover, you should be, the moment you bring in a cat into your home. Otherwise, why decide to have one in the first place. Owning your own pet cat involves bigger responsibilities. Unlike your gadgets, they don’t simply serve as accessories.

Cats may be independent creatures but they are spoiled rotten. They love to play, and they do this in various ways. There are several cat toys available which will surely keep your feline buddies preoccupied for some time. For example, even a simple cat nip is going to be appealing for your pet cat. There are even organic versions which you can grow yourself.

Since cats are rather easy to please, cat toys need not be expensive. You can even amuse your pets with pipe cleaners that you twist into various squiggly shapes. Even those plastic-coated twist ties are a favorite items when they’re twisted around as balls. So be innovative and make cat toys from any material you can find in the house.

If your cat is somehow getting tired of his homemade toys, there are a lot of unique cat toys available in pet supply stores and via the internet. Choose from scratchy things, honeysuckle cat toys, or even to mouse toys. When you browse through various shops and online sites, you’ll discover that there are actually plenty of cat toy options.

While it is tempting to give your cat just about any cat toy to amuse himself with, not all of these are safe for your pet cat. For example, we all know that cats love yarn. But what may seem like a totally harmless ball of string can actually turn into a health hazard. The tongues of cats are filled with barbs which are facing backwards. These can prevent the cat from spitting out the string. Frequent swallowing of the string may result to internal blockage and injuries.

The best cat toys are those that are safe for your pet cats. According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), yarn, ribbon, rubber bands, tassels, bells, and small balls may not be as harmless as they look. Toys that have glued-on accessories and small parts should also be avoided as these could be accidentally swallowed by your pet. Moreover, check whether the toys you are about to purchase are non-toxic.

So if the guidelines left you somewhat confused on what particular cat toys you should buy, the HSUS recommends you get your cat: round rings used for shower curtains which is safe to bat around; stuffed animals that are soft and just the right size to be carried around by your cat; plastic balls that are not small enough to be swallowed; plastic golf balls; and soft toys that are filled with catnip.

Generally, every feline enjoys playtime. Experts even say that cats treat play as a means to exercise, socialize, develop balance and coordination, learn to properly interact with people and fellow cats, and stimulate their intellectual growth. They further found out that cats’ play are divided into three categories, such as, swatting or batting at objects, pouncing or jumping on moving objects, and side-to-side movements.

Thus, when choosing cat toys, pick out those which will encourage the kind of play that your pet cat enjoys. Like humans, cats have their preferences as well. You may not know it but they are actually capable of liking a particular toy over another. It may not be an easy task to find out which toy is right for your cat, but if you help him decide, you might not have to do a lot of trial and error.