Nullifying A Nuisance With Cat Scratching Posts

cat scratching post

Cats scratch as an instinct. Thus, if you find your cat putting all sorts of scrapes and dents on your antique furniture, don’t think of it as his vengeance for adopting another pet in the house.

Scratching is one of the most distinctively annoying among all cat traits. Felines do this habit for more than one reason: as a form of muscle stretching, to maintain or re-grow their claws, as territory marker, and yes, to catch your attention. So, if your cat’s been scratching rather often these days, maybe you ought to spend more time with him than your new dog.

Since you cannot totally eliminate this habit, all you can do is to stop him from doing it on your furniture. Get him a cat scratching post so that he won’t have to attack your coffee table the next time he has the urge to use his claws. There are plenty of cat scratching posts available in all pet stores.

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The flat scratching post can be readily obtained from most of the pet stores and are inexpensive, costing less than $20. This type of cat scratching post may be a cardboard, a board wrapped with some type of carpeting, or a piece of bark. Whatever material you choose though, make sure that it is as long as your cat’s fully stretched body.

The vertical scratching post is your cat’s alternative to the living room couch. There are numerous designs, shapes, colors, and sizes available in the market. However, no matter what you choose it to be, check that it allows full stretching from your cat. For this type of cat scratching post, the ideal height is about 2.5 to 3 feet.

To choose the best scratching post for your cat, there are certain tips and guidelines to follow. First, remember that cats always want to stretch to their full heights. Thus, you should choose the cat scratching post that will allow your scratch to completely stretch. The taller the post is, the better it is for your cat.

Second tip to take note is to place your cat’s scratching post in an area where your cat like to stay in most of the time. Such places include: inside the TV or family room, by the window, and near your cat’s sleeping area since cats generally do some stretching when they wake up.

Third important factor is to choose the cat scratching posts that are sturdy and built to last long. A good base size is an ideal option as it provides safety. A post that topples over will scare the cat, causing him to stay away from it.

Consider a cat scratching post that looks fun and engaging enough for your cat. Posts that are constructed as multi levels with bedroom, observation holes, and other “amenities” will definitely sway him away from attacking your furniture.

Your cat may get so used to his old post that it would be wise to get him as many cat scratching posts as you can afford to let him have.

Some cat owners who do not know the real reason why cats scratch do not see the need to buy scratching posts. But those who do, did not even have to spend a lot on these posts. Actually it is rather easy to build a cat scratch post. If you wish to know the simple steps, you may browse online. You can find a lot of resources that will help you create the best post your cat will love.

Since cat scratching is inevitable, cat owners should not stop their cats from doing this habit. Instead, they should focus more on giving their pets the right venue to do it.