Factors To Consider Before Adopting A Cat From The Rescue Centre

Thinking of getting a new cat? Why not go to a cat rescue to choose one?

There are many cats that have found their way to a cat rescue home. Either these cats have been abandoned by their previous owners or were found wandering around with no homes. While cat rescue homes and shelters can provide these cats with their basic needs, they are only temporary. What these cats really need is a loving family whom they can go home to.

If you really love cats and want to rescue cats, then you might want to consider adopting from a cat rescue center than buying your new pet from a shop.

Besides being able to help provide these cats find a new home, there are also advantages to getting your next pet from a rescue group. A big cat rescue shelter, for instance, is more likely to classify their cats into purebreds while a typical shelter doesn’t keep to such standards.

Iz not a cage Kitty!  Iz a free range Kitty!The people who join a purebred cat rescue group are mostly cat lovers and breeders. Hence, their aim is to give the cats the best care possible. This includes veterinary care, vaccine, healthy diet, and other signs of responsible ownership.

Of course, this means that they are very particular in the kind of person (that means you) who wants to adopt a cat from their rescue group. They want to know whether you are a responsible cat owner and are ready to accept the challenges that come with owning a cat.

Sounds challenging? Not really. Here are some tips to help you get past the interview stage and convince the purebred cat rescue group that you are indeed the candidate they are looking for.

Are You Ready To Commit?

Owning a cat is a long-term commitment. A cat’s normal life span is up to twenty years. All this time, the cat would have bonded with you and come to consider you as family. A sense of permanency occurs between you and your pet and it is such a shame to suddenly break it because you realize somewhere that you are not ready to commit after all.

Can You Provide Your Cat What It Needs?

It is not all fun and games when you have a cat in the house. Remember that your cat is a living creature and therefore needs food, water and shelter in order to survive. Even more than that, cat’s needs go beyond the basic food, water and shelter; they also need exercise and regular veterinary care.

Rest assured that cat rescuers are going to ask you whether you are willing and able to give your cat regular veterinary care. Are you always at home? Do you move a lot? Do you have children or other family members? Your answers to these questions have bearing on the cat rescue’s decision to let you adopt.

A cat also needs stability in its life. This is especially true in the case of cats from a rescue shelter since most of them come from broken homes or abandoned by their masters. But more than stability, what a rescue cat needs is a loving home. If you are certain that you can provide that, then your petition for adoption has a big chance of pushing through.

Is A Cat The Right Pet For You?

Cat rescue groups will consider many factors in order to determine whether the cat is a right pet for you. Details such as where you live, the kind of lifestyle you lead, your job, and the like are going to be taken into account. This is because not all cats are right for every household.

There are always qualifications. For instance, if you live in an apartment, make sure that pets are allowed. Or if you live in a small space, will there be enough room for your cat? Or will your cat feel cramped or confined?

While owning a cat for a pet may seem like a wonderful idea, bear in mind that it comes with certain responsibilities. It is also a commitment and one that you should be ready for.