Taking Photos Of Your Pet Cat

Cats are naturally aristocrats – or so they think. That is probably why taking cat pictures are harder than most people think.

We all like to capture special moments so we can all look at the snapshots and relive each one of them. But while it is easy to take photos of people, our pets do not offer us as much ease. Unlike humans, our feline friends do not get excited by the sight of a camera. So no matter how often we say “cheese”, we don’t mostly get the pose that we want from them. But just because they take our instructions very lightly, that doesn’t mean it is hopeless to get nice cat pictures.

There are ways that you can do to achieve some cute cat pictures without tying your cat to a chair. First, you have to go down to the cat’s level to be able to properly photograph it. This does not mean that you start licking your paws and act like your feline pet. Since cats are small animals, you have to get down on your hands and knees in order to have a better angle. Obviously, if your cat is lying down on the floor, and you don’t do as much as bend your knees a little, you’ll only succeed in taking a photo of its back. If your cat is lounging on the sofa, you don’t have to get sprawled on the floor in order to take a nice shot. Just bring the camera at an eye level with your cat and you are on your way to obtaining quality pictures of cats.

It is also important to remember that you do not startle your pet while taking pictures. Sudden noise and movements may scare him and cause him to walk away from you. So it is recommended that you sneak up on your subject very slowly. Cats are generally “jumpy” and you don’t want your pet running out of the house long before you achieve a favorable angle.

Cat pictures don’t have to be all still. You may capture your cat’s active moments. Take a photo of your pet while he’s wrestling with a pillow, or trying to steal your dinner. You will definitely have funny pictures of cats during these moments. However, even if action photos are excellent works of art, they can be very hard to capture. But then if you sit it out long enough till your feline friend decides to do his funny antics and play dummy with your photography, then it is most certainly going to be worth the effort. So fire away before he turns camera-shy once more.

Another way to take funny cat pictures is to ask the help of a family member or friend with whom your cat is attached to. There are some cats that are willing to act and perform tricks for people they like. If you think you can orchestrate him to perform, then by all means, be its director. For sure, the photos taken are your cat’s best ones.

Pets are playful, and they sure can be a handful. So when taking cat pictures, be prepared for some bending, sprawling, stretching, running, jumping, and possibly falling flat on your face. Also, make sure that you have loads of film (or a huge memory card) ready. Photographing cats is not an easy task, and could let you end up with more “thrash” photos than “good” ones. And you don’t want to finally see your cat doing the funniest thing before realizing that you are out of film. With these feline pets, there are no second takes.