Do Cat Names Really Matter?

Your pet cat can live for as long as 20 years. Would you want it to suffer for its entire existence by calling him Stinky? They say that names are mostly a reflection of one’s personality. So unless you want everyone to steer clear from your pet, don’t you think it’s a good idea to give him a better-sounding one?

One’s choice of cat name would tell a lot about his affection for his feline pet. Some people even consider naming their pets as one of the hardest decisions in life. This may sound too hypothetical for others, but it is indeed hard to come up with a term that would be most appropriate for a particular cat.

If all the cute kitten names on the internet do not appeal to you, that doesn’t mean that he’s doomed as Stinky for life. There are some things you can do in order to find good choices for cat names.

Think of a favorite place, or better yet, look around and see if there’s a certain place in your neighborhood that you can name your cat from. Also, there are cat owners who come up with cat names from movies, songs, rockstars, moviestars, or other famous public figures such as the President.

Since pets are considered part of the family, pet owners treat them like they would their children. Thus, the cat names most of them choose for their pets are those taken from babies’ names. Thus, naming your cat with something like Allison is something others have done.

Not a lot of people know that our feline friends are less trainable than dogs. Cats are said to be more attuned with one or two syllable names, and find them a lot easier to learn if they end in either a “y” or an “ie”. So, if you want your cat to learn its name right away, choose cat names that sound like “Cookie” or “Wenty”.

Kittens don’t stay as kittens forever. Thus, no matter how cute and adorable they may be when you first got them, they will eventually grow up and turn into a bigger and less adorable (sad but true) version. So before you decide from among the various kitten names, make sure he wouldn’t outgrow the chosen name.

You may be dying to know what to call your newfound pet. But sometimes, it’s best not to rush it. If you’re trying too hard to figure out what to choose from the long list of cat names, then maybe you ought to let it remain nameless for awhile. You’ll never know, once you don’t think too much about it, a smart idea will suddenly pop out.

If you have children, it may also be a good idea to ask suggestions from them. Your kids will most likely come up with the most unusual cat names which are most appropriate as well. Moreover, if you give your cat a name that your children will have difficulty saying, you’ll only end up giving it two different names.

If no name seems to be good enough for you or for your children, why don’t you let your cat for himself. Talk to your feline pet and read out the choices to him. Chances are, you’ either get a subtle “yes”, and empathic “no”, or a simple I-don’t-really-care attitude. Either way, your cat will give you an idea which name is acceptable to her, and which one you should not even consider calling her with. After all, cats believe that they are aristocrats by nature. And indeed, most of the time, they always get their way.