Going For A Walk Or Restraining Your Pet With A Cat Leash?

Just because you want to put your pet cat on a leash does not mean that you wished you got a dog instead. While leashes are generally meant for use in canines, cat leashes have become necessary as restraints for the felines.

It is very common to walk dogs, but rarely do we see people walking their cats. What’s with their being aristocrats and all. But because cats have the tendency to be very independent and athletic, letting him just wander outside the house is not such a safe idea.

A cat leash is not the same as a dog leash. For one, cat leashes are not used with collars like dog leashes are. Thus, a cat collar and leash may not be used together. There are two types of cat leashes: the standard leash, and the retractable leash.

cat with leash harness

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The retractable type is ideal for those who want to provide their cats more freedom to explore the surroundings and still keep them close by. These leashes have setting which allows you to adjust the length. This way, you will be able to control just how much freedom your cat needs to have on various walks.

The standard cat leashes are those which are about five to six feet in length. These are fine but you need to consider the weight of the cat leash you intend to purchase for your pet cat. Dog leashes are mostly heavy and work serve well for feline use.

When you have decided on a particular leash, you might want to consider getting your cat a harness instead of a collar. Unlike dogs, cats have the strange ability of being able to squirm themselves out of several things – collars included. Thus, cat collars are mainly used as identification tags or as fashion accessories.

The harness will make cat leash training so much easier. Since some felines are less trainable than the canines, they are mostly never thrilled at the first sight of a leash. Some never even get used to being walked on leashes. There are affordable nylon harnesses in the market, and there are deluxe models that seem like padded vests. The nylon is a practical option as it is sturdy yet flexible. The harness should also be able to wrap around the cat’s torso, particularly around the stomach area, to prevent him from wiggling out. But regardless what type you buy, just make sure that it is adjustable for your pet’s comfort.

Getting your cat accustomed to wearing his leash is a challenging task. Don’t expect him to like it like dogs do. So start introducing him to a cat leash at an early age. Two-month old kittens are ready to take on the challenge of being harnessed while walking. Let him go about wearing a harness without attaching the leash first. After several days, you may now start leashing your cat and tugging at it sometimes to call his attention. Eventually, your cat will get used to idea of being leashed and won’t mind the tugging as much as he used to.

Even if cats on leashes have become a common sight these days, that does not mean we expect them to act, think, and understand like dogs. Felines are unique in their own ways. So don’t expect them to love their leashes at first sight.

It is necessary to have your cat on a leash when you are outdoors. Felines are highly energetic and will move fast at the first sight of a prey. So if you want to get a good grip on him and make sure that he does not go after the neighbor’s hamster, tie him on a leash and make walking a much safer and happier endeavor.