The Lowdown On Cat Kennels & Playpens

cat playpenSometimes, cat owners feel that the most crucial aspect of going on a trip is not so much on deciding where to go, but rather, it is in knowing whom to leave their cats with. The rise in the number of cat kennels and sitters, which has greatly increased over the past years, has eased the obscurity of this predicament.

There are some cat owners that are not comfortable with cat kennels and playpens. For them, it is like taking away their pet’s freedom by locking them up in cages. However, these are not supposed to be viewed this way.

A cat playpen is actually similar to a dog cage. However, the word “cage” seems to have a negative connotation, which is why people avoid getting this for their pets. However, if you have been around cats for sometime, you would agree that a playpen can be beneficial to both the cat and the cat owner.

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A cat playpen, can serve as your cat’s temporary sanctuary during the times when you need to do things around the house and you want to keep him out of your way. Unlike a cat carrier which restricts your cat’s movements, a cat playpen offers him more space to move about and carry on his usual activities.

A cat kennel may sound like a harsher alternative to leaving your cat with a friend while you’re out of town, but this can actually be the best place for your pet. However, choosing the right cat boarding kennel can be a bit of a challenge.

Make sure that you have visited the kennel way before you need to bring your cat in. Check the general appearance of the kennel, taking special note of its cleanliness and safety.

The cat kennel that you will choose for your cat should look and smell clean. Fecal matter should not be left to accumulate as this can encourage the onset of parasite infestation such as fleas and flies. Check that it follows a strict disinfecting schedule.

Since kennels will house your cat while you’re gone, ensure that it is the safest place for him to be. Sleeping quarters should be solidly divided between each pet. Harmful chemical, and sharp and/or small objects should never be within your pet’s reach. The cat kennel should also be equipped with the basic firefighting and first aid equipment.

Another important thing you need to consider when choosing from among the various cat kennels is the quality of supervision. Make sure that pets are constantly checked and monitored by someone who has the proper training and experience in recognizing any symptoms of disease. Your pet cat may also have some medical conditions that would require him to be under constant watch.

When you have found a particular cat kennel that has met those requirements, ask them if they still have room for your pet cat. If they do not have room for one more, do not force them to squeeze in your cat. You are both better off finding another kennel.

If you choose an outdoor cat kennel, check that it has ample shelter from all elements. Indoor cat kennels should also be able to provide your cat some trips outdoors. Kennels that provide interaction between the different cats should make sure that these are done under proper supervision.

Cat kennels and playpens are not the prisons that some people perceive these to be. While we try our best to treat our pets as part of the family, there are also things that we have to do for ourselves.

Do not let your pets feel that putting them in cat kennels and playpens is a means of punishment. Instead, let them think of it as their own little getaway. This way, none of you will spend each of your”vacation” sulking.