Cat Houses: Creating A Place Of Sanctuary For Your Cat

Cats watching mice drink in bowlYou may love your house cat to death. But do you really know him the way you think you do? Would you know why your tabby sulk, purr, scratch, spit, and bury his waste? Before felines evolved as the house cats we know of today, they were thought of as sacred beings by the Egyptians. Anyone who was found out to have killed a cat is put to death. Egyptians are known to shave off their eyebrows when their pet cats die as an expression of grief. Dead cats were also mummified.

The human’s special fondness for felines did not change much since then. Although dead cats do not have any impact on our eyebrows anymore these days, we continue to have that much affection for our pet cats.

One of the most concrete proofs of our love for cats is giving them all the things they need to achieve happiness and well-being. Providing your cat with the proper cat food and the right kind of cat accessories are necessary for a healthier life.

Cats have habits that few people ever learn to live with. They scratch, spit, climb, and all sorts of other stuff that are all normal and natural, and are irritating as they are, nonetheless. That is why cats have the need for certain cat furniture pieces.

Cat housing is one of the most important cat stuff your pet feline can have. Generally, about 70% of a cat’s day is spent snoozing. Felines love sleeping as much as they love goofing around. That is why, getting your pet cat his own cat house is like giving him his very own sanctuary.

When choosing from among the various styles, designs, colors, shapes, and sizes of cat housing, consider what your pet feline actually needs. A good cat house should provide your cat a comfortable sleeping area and cat beds. Since cats value peace and privacy, make sure that his sleeping quarters have these.

Some cat houses are built to serve as play area as well. Multi-levelled cat tower designs are available in order to provide felines the chance to climb as often as they want or need to. Certain cat houses are built with holes to offer cats some viewing spaces. Cats love glancing out of windows, and if you are planning on getting him a house, why not have windows to go with it as well?

Selecting the best design, color and shape is not that difficult at all. You only need to know your cat well enough to know what is most appropriate for his life style and level of activity. Choosing the right size of cat housing for your pet can be a challenge though. Normally, most cat owners base their choice on their pet cat’s weight. However, their weights do not necessarily tell us anything about their physical structures, like how tall or wide they actually are. Hence, height measurements should be done before going out shopping for a cat house.

One important thing to remember when buying a cat house is that it should only be large enough for your cat to get into, turn around in, and lie down on. If you want a bigger house, that should be a personal preference. But during the cold season, your cat may wish that you got him a smaller size instead. Cats crave the cozy ambiance. That is why the perfect cat house should be able to provide him with enough warmth.

Some cat owners think that their houses are good enough haven for their pet cats. But while we have our televisions sets to keep us occupied most of the time, cats have their own habits to think about as well. And because you love them, you let them be – air of arrogance and all.