Cat Health

Grooming Is Important For A Cats Health

Although we love them with all our hearts, we are bound to encounter some cat health issues at some point. Although chances are more minimal, it does not suggest that your cat is not eventually going to get sick. But bottomline, he may just be able to reach the maximum 20 years of existence.

Cat health care should begin even before your feline friend comes to your home. If this is your first time to get a pet cat, then you should gather as much information as you can about cats. Learn about their nature, behavior, temperaments, eating and sleeping patterns, and grooming. Also it is wise to read up on cat health and how best to address the most common issues.

Experts say that most cat health problems are associated with grooming. For example, hairballs are the most frequent issues that cat owners are concerned about. It is a known fact that cats have the habit of grooming themselves. They like to clean themselves by licking themselves. When they do this, (and they do this constantly) they tend to swallow loose hair from their tongues. And because this is a habit, the loose hair often gathers like a ball and gets stuck in the digestive tract of the cat. You’ll know your cat has a hairball when he starts hacking and coughing. Cats may be able to easily dislodge hairballs most of the time. However, it is advisable to groom your cat often by removing loose hair. This way, severe blockage due to hairball may be avoided.

While some cats are spared from this common cat health issue involving the parasite known as worms, there are some unfortunate ones who have to go through this. The bad thing about worm-related problems is that they are mostly recurring. The most common of these are tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms. There are times when some cats develop heartworms. If you feel that your feline pet is finding it real hard to gain weight, has fleas, or has stools that contain white specks, then it’s time to have him checked by a veterinarian. Worms can be fatal, but they can be cured by letting your cat take in some medications.

Urinary tract infections may be common to humans, but it is too in cats. This health condition happens mostly to male cats which are unneutered, but the female ones are as likely to have this as well. If the urine of your cat has a very strong smell, or if your pet stops using his litter box, then he might be suffering from a urinary tract infection. This infection can easily be treated by the veterinarian. Also, you might be asked to buy cat foods that will lessen the possibility of a recurring infection.