Cat Furniture Helps To Keep The Cat Off Your Furniture

Cats love to move about. And play is an essential aspect of their lives – all nine of them. So the moment you decide to adopt a cat from the cat rescue, you are basically sharing every piece of your furniture with it.

If you hate lying on a couch with cat hair sticking all over you, or if you value your furniture too much to allow them to have scratches and dents, then you either get your cat his own furniture or throw him out of the house.

No matter how you put huge neon signs that say “off limits to cats” in bold letters, he really wouldn’t understand or care. So before you take your cat to the nearest shelter, you might want to try giving him some things he can call his own.

Generally, cats do not deliberately scratch or mess up your furniture to piss you off. Cats actually have certain health needs that require them to do things. Thus, various cat furniture items available in the market are designed to help felines carry out their “tasks” without getting in your way.

The following are some of the most advisable cat furniture you should get for your pet: cat scratching posts, cat tree or cat condo, cat litter box, cat bed, and cat perch.

A scratching post is one of the most essential pieces of cat furniture. This is because cats have the need to scratch as a form of exercise and to maintain the health of their nails. Thus, if you don’t want to see scratches on the grand piano then you’re better off buying him his own post to scratch at. Make sure that you choose the post that is tall and durable.

Cat tree furniture or cat condos are available in various shapes and sizes, and are designed to be used for different reasons. Most of these are carpeted and come with some shelves, and a scratching post. Some are built like miniature cat houses with holes where your cat can hang out in. These may serve as a cat’s bed and his scratching post, but is a rather expensive cat furniture item.

Cat litter furniture is actually a must to have. Cat owners who have indoor pet cats may be faced with the burden of having to clean up their pet’s wastes in various parts of the house. The cat litter box furniture eliminates the hassle. So “potty-train” your cat and teach him good cat manners.

Cats love playing as much as they love lounging. Although they don’t necessary require a king-sized bed like yours, they could use a clean and private sleeping area. Cat beds may not be as essential as the other cat furniture items in the market, but these can serve as thoughtful gifts to your pet cats. Choose from among the many colors and styles of padded beds and help your tabby achieve restful sleeps.

Cats love to climb and play peek-a-boo. Thus, you might want to buy your pet a nice cat perch and get him off your windows. Cat windows are actually window perches. These are designed to be placed on windows to give your cat a nice view of the outdoors. Now, your cat can reach higher elevations and without being all over your furniture.

The different cat furniture suggestions are easy to make. You may create a bed for your cat. Simply browse online for picture and ideas, and you’re on your way to giving him his very own sleeping quarters.

Providing your pet cat with his very own cat stuff will motivate him to use what’s his, and to keep his feet off what isn’t.