Cat Food

Little girl with her pet cat

A Look At The Best Varieties Of Cat Food Available

Providing your cat pet with the proper cat food is important in raising him the healthy way. From the moment your kitten comes into your home, it is crucial to help him meet his nutritional needs for him to stay healthy and happy. Giving him the right kitten food can be a very arduous task. But if you think about the benefits it will give your pet, the challenge is not that bad at all.

Putting just about any type of cat food on your pet’s bowl wouldn’t ensure that your cat is getting the most from his food. The saying, “You are what you eat” holds true for cats as well. And since they can only do so much in choosing their food, you are then responsible for making your cat into what he has become.

Before you buy any of the particular cat food brands from the grocery shelf, there are certain guidelines to consider: choose the food that is nutritionally appropriate for your pet’s age; underweight and overweight cats have different nutritional needs; your cat’s medical condition like allergies may require specific cat food dish that will not trigger his condition; and purchase the best cat food your budget will allow.

Like humans, pet cats deserve to be fed the type of food that will benefit them. When shopping for cat food, it is wise to consider the ingredients as much as you would the tag price. Look at the information found at the back of labels. Cats, regardless of age and health conditions, require high amounts of protein in their food. Felines also benefit from such amino acids as arginine and taurine. If you are unsure what particular nutrients your cat needs, and how much of each is necessary in his diet, do some research before you head out shopping.

Generally, pet foods are available in three categories: healthy foods, grocery store foods, and premium foods. The healthy or wellness cat food is the recent addition in the market. This category offers the healthiest and the optimum quality ingredients. Most people can obtain this direct from manufacturers or via online purchase.

The grocery store cat food are the most easily available of all. Foods from this category are those that are typically mass-produced and marketed in most grocery stores. These are usually made from inexpensive, less healthy, and lower quality ingredients.

The premium cat food are made from higher quality ingredients than the grocery store ones. However, these may still contain some of the grocery store food elements like artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. While these may be found in some grocery shelves as well, they are a bit more expensive than the grocery store cat foods. Pet stores and veterinarian clinics often have these for sale as well.

Feeding your pet cat the best way does not always mean finding solace in the hundreds of cat food on market shelves. In fact, most healthy cats are those that were fed homemade cat food by their owners. No matter how conscious you may be in choosing the right labels, there are always the risks of buying the ones that your cat doesn’t really profit from. Regardless how some packaging can scream all-natural in bold letters, we don’t really know all the stuff that comes with those ready-to-eat cat food.

Sick cats in particular will benefit more if they are fed homemade cat food. You may feed him his share of potatoes, veggies and even turkey for his protein requirements. While it is very convenient to just grab pet food off the shelves rather than prepare homemade ones, there are actually very simple cat food recipes that are not only easy to make, but are inexpensive as well. So would you compromise your pet cat’s health?