The Causes Of Cat Diarrhea And How To Avoid It

Cats do not regularly get diarrhea, but diarrhea in cats can occur if there is something wrong with the digestive system of a cat. Diarrhea that only lasts for a day or so is usually nothing to worry about, and most of the time, the reason for this is that a cat may have eaten or drank something that their digestive system failed to process as it should. This type of diarrhea in cats usually goes away after a day or so.

Causes Of Cat Diarrhea

Among the many causes of diarrhea in cats is cats drinking fluids or eating foods that their systems are unable to process properly. Kittens grow up subsisting on milk from their moms, but a lot of adult cats are usually lactose-intolerant. At the same time, it is not ideal for us cat owners to give our cats cow’s milk, goats milk and the like, especially if the milk is not lactose-reduced or ultra-pasteurized. Contrary to what many of us have seen in old movies, it is not true that milk provides cats the sustenance that they need: milk simply has no role in a cat’s diet, and it has been said that a cat that feeds on milk alone is likely to die. Another possible cause of diarrhea in cats is change in a cat’s diet, especially if a cat is not used to the new cat food provided. Hairballs, spoiled food, bacteria, and specific medications can also cause diarrhea in cats.

A cat can also get diarrhea from an allergy, and just as with humans, cats can get sick with diarrhea from a certain virus strain or bacteria. Among the parasites that can lead cats to suffer from diarrhea are Giardia, coccidian and roundworms. As far as diseases go, digestive tract tumors, certain cancers, liver, kidney and inflammatory bowel diseases can also give cats diarrhea, including colitis and hyperthyroidism.

How To Stop Cat Diarrhea

Once your cat gets diarrhea, try to immediately identify the culprit. Diarrhea in cats can last for a while, and in such cases, a cat is likely to be left dehydrated. This means that your cat’s body will be losing vital salts and minerals needed to remain healthy. For a correct diagnosis, take your cat to the vet if your cat’s diarrhea lasts for more than a few days.

Best Cat Food For Diarrhea

If your cat is suffering from diarrhea, try eliminating dry cat food with wheat or corn-based fillers from your cat’s diet, and instead switching to a diet that consists of raw and/or canned cat food. Go over the ingredients of the processed cat food that you have been giving to your cat, and keep an eye out for ingredients that seem out of place or are not part of the natural diet of the feline species, such as rice, potatoes, rosemary and milk.