Do You Need Cat Condos & Towers For A Happy Kitty??

All cat owners have to contend with their pets’ annoying habit of scratching. To those who do not know that this is a very normal and natural “phenomenon”, they blame it on fleas. But regardless if your cat really has fleas, scratching is still as necessary as paw-licking. Since no one can stop the inevitable, cat owners can still do some things to turn an annoying habit into a more tolerable one.

Cat condos and towers are some of the things that can help you deal with your cat’s scratching issues. There are a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from. A cat condo is a place where you cat can escape for some rest and relaxation. Cat condos are mostly available as a single room with cubbyholes to serve as viewing decks. Since cat condos and towers are usually tall, these may be both used as scratching posts and perching areas.

Cat bathing in windowIf choosing from among the various cat condos and other cat furniture leaves you exhausted, follow these tips to make it a less daunting task.

  1.  go through all the styles and types available in the market. Check out all designs, shapes and colors before picking a particular one.
  2.  keep in mind that majority of the cat condos are wrapped in some form of carpeting. This allows your cat to do his natural scratching and climbing rituals. So, make sure that the carpeting is fairly convenient to clean and is not the kind that fades easily.
  3.  a cat condo that comes with a scratching post is going to work well for you as well since it will keep your cat’s claws off your furniture. So invest in a condo that offers this benefit.
  4. ensure that the cat condo or tower you have chosen is durable and well-balanced, or one that has a wider base. A cat condo that easily trips over will scare your cat, causing him to feel uncomfortable getting near it again.
  5. your cat won’t prefer a color or style over another, so aesthetics is really up to you. You can match these with your home’s interior to let it blend well with its surroundings.
  6. check if all the levels of the cat condo are constructed well. Levels that are not built well, or possess very complicated structures may not be that convenient for your pet to climb in. Thus, it would not serve its purpose.
  7. as with the other aspects of cat condos, the price tag speaks a lot about the choice. Prices vary according to the features and the place where you bought it from. But most cat condos cost about $100 or more.
  8. do not forget that size matters. So before you get so overwhelmed with all the aesthetics, make sure that your cat is going to be able to carry out his activities comfortably when inside.
  9. Don’t forget about installing cat doors!

Cat condos, cat tree condos, or cat towers are each an essential cat furniture item. Some are designed not only to reduce the felines’ tendency to mess with the house furniture but also to provide them with other ample amenities as well. Because there are a whole lot of options to choose from, you can even buy your cat more than one of these furniture pieces.

Since most of these cat housing items do not come cheap, make sure you choose the ones which will give you your money’s worth. Consider the material and construction over some of the other factors. Durability is an aspect that you should never think of ruling out when choosing a cat condo. This way, you’re actually helping your pet cat do his “normally-irritating” stuff without getting in your way.