Taking A Closer Look At Cat Collars

cat collarCat owners purchase cat collars for their feline pets for various reasons. However, regardless what each of their reasons are, cats look a lot prettier with the right collar on their necks.

Collars are generally conceived for use in canines. But nowadays, more and more cat owners have found out that these are perfect for the felines as well. Conventionally, cats are made to wear collars as a means for identification. A cat collar name tag is perfect for a cat that has the tendencies to run outside and go around the neighborhood. Tags are mostly available in a wide variety and are rather affordable, costing only about $7 a piece.

Some feline pets wear cat collars as accessories. Since these come in numerous styles, colors, designs, and make, most owners purchase several different collars for their pets. A lot of fancy cat collars have become very popular with cat owners and most of these are even studded, jeweled, printed, or ruffled according to the certain needs and preferences.

Another purpose of letting your pet cat wear a cat collar is to warn birds. Collars that have bells on them will alert the cat’s unsuspecting prey. This is important if your pet cat spends a great deal of his time outdoors. However, if your cat is too active, choose the breakaway types. This type of cat collar pops off when caught up on something like a branch of a tree or even a garden fence.  These collars are important as they may stop your beloved cat from strangulation.

The most convenient choice for cat owners would be the leather cat collar. Since this can easily be put on and removed, make sure that the collar is not placed loosely to prevent your cat from waggling out of it. Buckling it too tight is not advisable either as this may cause him pain and discomfort.

The elastic cat collars allow easy slipping on and off the cat’s neck. This type is appropriate for the feline pets that cannot carry the extra bulk and weight of the buckle in leather cat collars. But since an elastic collar will give your cat a greater chance of wiggling out, make sure that it is not fitted too loosely around his neck.

There are actually cat collars that are made from reflective materials. Since cats are fiercely independent creatures and love to take long walks outdoors, collars that are reflective will help your cat avoid trouble and accidents while outside.

Some cat owners can get overly protective of their cats. Hence, if their cats feel like going for a stroll, they feel that they had to be accompanied to stay out of trouble. Thus, these cat owners walk their feline pets on leash. Although they’re not totally the same as those of dogs’ where the leash is hooked on the collar, cat leashes serve the same purpose. Cats may not be as highly trainable as dogs are, but they can definitely be taught to walk on leashes. A cat leash necessitates a harness that is adjustable in various places to give it a proper fit. Short leashes may prevent your cat from wandering off too far, but long ones allow him more freedom, making him tolerate the leash better.

To sum it up, when choosing the right cat collar, you must keep in mind that it is the appropriate size and style. The ideal fit allows you to insert two fingers between the collar and your cat’s neck. The collar should also be comfortable and safe to use on your pet cat. If your cat can nibble on the glued-on accessories on the collar, then it might not be the best type for him. A nice prerequisite of cat collars should include its ease of use and maintenance. And if you have determined the particular collar that suits your pet cat the most, you can then deal with the aesthetics. After all, would you buy something that would make him less adorable?