A Cat Carrier Is More Than Just A Travel Bag!

Cats are part of the family, isn’t it appropriate to include them in your travel plans?

A lot of cat owners like to take their feline pets with them when they travel. Although there are some cats who feel most comfortable in the home environment that they are used to, some are actually good travel companions.

Whether you’re off to see a sick relative or taking the week off at a secluded mountain lodge, your pet cat may be better off going with you than being left with the next-door neighbor. But traveling with cats may not be a humdrum journey that you perceive it to be. Felines are known to be incredibly athletic, and losing them is not an unlikely possibility. To avoid hassles, it is best that you get a cat carrier.

Cat carriers are a must when transporting felines from one place to another. Even a short visit to the vet will necessitate one. Almost all veterinarians necessitate the use of cat carriers during vet appointments.

A cat carrier is also essential during emergency situations. If your cat is feeling suddenly sick, he will feel safer and more secure inside his carrier while traveling to the veterinarian.

Even if most of the times cats hate to be confined, it is still necessary to get him his own carrier to make it easier for you to take him on short and long trips. When shopping for a cat carrier, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is the size. Cats love to move about, so you should make sure that the carrier you’re getting him is spacious enough for him to lie down flat or turn around.

Cat carriers come in three types: cardboard, soft, and hard. The cardboard cat carrier is perfect for those who won’t do much traveling. You can flatten it out to save space and for easier storage. However, cardboards are not practical because they are pretty much useless once they get wet.

The soft cat carriers are mostly made from flexible yet firm material. Obviously they are more durable than the cardboard type. Depending on the kind of material you choose, some soft cat carriers are collapsible for better storage.

The hard cat carriers are the most durable among all cat carriers available. Although almost all of these are bulky and require you to have a bigger storage space at home, these are still the best option for those who bring their cats along on trips. Most of these even come with their own set of wheels. A rolling cat carrier is the most convenient way to transport your cat.

But cat carriers are not the only means to help transport your cat. There are actually two very common ways to transport him: in soft sided cat carriers, or in heavy duty plastic crates. Both offer their own advantages. The soft sided cat carriers are definitely a lot more comfortable and less bulky than the other. The heavy duty plastic crates on the other hand, are sturdier and are less difficult to clean. For easier transport you may opt to have either one to come with wheels.

Before your cat will learn to love his cat carrier, he will hate first hate you for confining him inside a box. Thus, introduce him to the carrier way before you decide to shove him in. Throw in some healthy treats inside and place the carrier in a room where he can freely explore it for himself. In no time, your cat will treat his carrier as his very own safe haven.