Cat Behavior

What Is Normal Cat Behavior?Kitten reaching paw into goldfish bowl

When you get a pet cat, regardless of your reasons, you must keep in mind that you do not expect it to behave like humans do. Otherwise, you’ll either end up giving him away to some shelter, or wishing you never had it in the first place.

Cats are not born as rational creatures and cat behavior is not based on the feline’s emotions. Thus, if there are changes in its behavior, these are not caused by any repressed sentiment like anger. So if you think that the reason your cat is behaving badly is because it is trying to get back at you for leaving him alone for so long, then you haven’t quite understood the behavior of cats at all.

It is crucial to understand that the negative changes you might have observed in cat behavior are not due to any pent-up feelings, but rather, anxiety or stress. It is normal for pet owners to assume that such changes are caused by how their cats feel towards them. It is after all, very human to associate two totally unrelated situations.

In truth, the conventional analysis of cat behavior actually involves some kind of a missing link. That is, your behavior may have triggered the physical anxiety of the cat, which in turn, resulted in the behavioral change. In short, the cat behavior is dependent on the physiological changes happening inside his body.

There are several cat behaviors that suddenly stray away from the usual. One of the most common cat behavior problems which cat owners seem to encounter often is the tendency of some felines to stop using their litter boxes all of a sudden. This issue may be due to various reasons. One, your cat may be suffering from urinary tract infection which makes it extremely painful for him to urinate. Your cat associates the litter box with the pain and thus avoids using it. Another reason could be your cat’s personal preferences for particular smell and texture. If he has gotten accustomed to depositing his wastes on the living room rug, then he wouldn’t really bat an eyelash on his litter box.

Generally, cats are easy to get along with. But like other pets, they too have at least one distinctively annoying behavior. Urine spraying is undoubtedly the most irritating among the various cat behaviors. However, as with their other behavior patterns, cats do this for certain reasons.

First, you must draw the line between intentionally spraying urine, and merely urinating inappropriately. No matter how thin the line is, they still do not mean the same.

Experts say that urine spraying is actually a natural cat behavior. For some felines, it is their way of claiming territories. For others, this can mean sexual messages. Queens who are in heat spray urine to tell the male cats that they are ready for mating.

Neutered cats spray urine for a totally different reasons, the most common of which is competition and dispute over territories. Cats sometimes resort to urine-spraying when they feel threatened or insecure, and so they try to reinforce each of their territories.

Punishing your cat for straying away from his usual behavior is not a solution to the issue. Instead, have a veterinarian take a look at him to verify that he is not suffering from any medical condition.

Urine spraying is mostly brought about by sexual-related issues that are entirely normal. Neutering though, can help ease your cat’s tendencies to do this, aside from reducing the incidence of territorial aggressions. However, this suggestion does not work like a magic potion. So even if your cat behaves like a little furry angel for the next month or so, don’t expect it to wear the halo for its entire lifetime.

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