Choosing The Puurfect Cat Beds For Your Cat

Shorthaired cat lying on a bedIf you’re getting tired of having to clean up your cat’s loose hair from your bed, then maybe it’s time you get your cat its own bed, or think about getting another one for yourself. If it’s a bit hard to let go of the big bed that has given you restful sleeps for years, then don’t let your feline pet make you give it up. Even if cats can be snotty most of the time, they should know who the boss is.

Cat beds are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes. Since your cat probably doesn’t have any personal preference for color, you decide what shade best suits the interior of the house. Choosing the right cat bed for your cat can be a fun task. You will have the chance to go over numerous designs and price tags, which make the task all the more interesting.

Before you pay for a particular cat bed, make sure that you chose the one that is the right size. Your choice should be able to make your pet cat stretch out comfortably to his full height, although it shouldn’t be too big for him. Generally, cats like smaller places for them to feel comfortable and secure, so don’t think of buying him a bed that is two sizes bigger than what he really needs.

There are several great designs of cat beds available today. The huge selection most likely leaves you confused. To make things simpler, choose the cat bed that is most convenient to your pet. The bed should have an easy entrance but may have high walls for additional comfort. Thus, your kitten or your aging cat won’t have a hard time using his own bed.

Natural fibers are advisable materials for stuffing and lining. These are not known to trigger any allergy, and can offer your cat more comfort. Cottons, kapok, feathers, and wool are all natural fibers. You may also opt for the hypoallergenic synthetic fibers.

Maintenance is another factor in selecting from among the many cat beds. And since most cat owners are faced with cat bed wetting issues, make sure that the cat bed you will buy is machine-washable and easy to clean.

Like humans, cats love a clean, peaceful, and cozy place of rest. Thus, if you want your cat to enjoy his rest and relaxation time, choose a place for him that is cool during the summer, and warm during the winter. You may also try making him choose where he wants his sleeping area to be. Try placing his cat bed in various parts of the house and see where he likes it best.

To make traveling with your pet cat a lesser challenge, take his bed with you on the trip. If it is too big, bring along his blanket. The important thing is, you bring along something that your cat uses at home to give him a familiar scent. This way, you want have trouble getting him to sleep where he is supposed to.

Even if buying your pet his very own bed would mean spoiling him rotten, sometimes it takes a bit of blackmailing or kiss-butting to make him love his new bed. Brand new cat beds generally has a smell that cats are not so fond of. Air it out for a few days and reintroduce it to your pet afterwards. If you bought a used cat bed, make sure that you have totally eliminated any smell from the cat that previously used it. Use mild soap when washing it and reintroduce it to her together with her favorite blanket. And in no time, your cat will be inseparable with his bed.