Keep Your Bengal Cat Safe

The body and markings of the fierce Asian Leopard Cat but with the temperament of a domestic tabby, the Bengal cat is a relatively new breed of cats that was developed in the USA.

In breeding Bengal cats, the goal was to preserve the beauty of its wild ascendant but with the pleasant and placid temperament of a house cat. Today, Bengal cats are one of the most sought-after breeds of cats in the world.

Unfortunately, what makes a Bengal cat precious as a pet is also what drives other people with shady characters to give them unwelcome attention. If you just got yourself a Bengal cat from one of your favorite Bengal cat breeders, and you are now taking it home, perhaps to join the other Bengal cat kittens you keep, what you want most of all is to learn ways to keep your Bengal cat safe and out of harm’s way.

In this article, we give you some tips on how to safeguard and protect your Bengal cat from injury, loss, and theft.

pic of a bengal breed cat

Missing Bengal Cat

During the first few hours after your cat has gone missing, limit your search to your surrounding neighborhood. Call out its name, shaking its food box as you go. If you like, you can recruit one or two local teenagers to help you search. But be sure to keep the search party at the minimum in order to make as little noise as possible. A bedlam search might scare your Bengal cat and force it to run away even further.

If at the end of the day, you still haven’t found your Bengal cat, then ring the police, your local animal rescue center, and vets. Be ready with a description of your cat. Note that there are people who don’t know what a Bengal cat looks like. Having a photo handy may help, but if you don’t have one, then come up with a description that is as close to how your cat really looks like, such as “a pedigree brown spotted tabby cat.”

You may also have to put up notices with information on where people can contact you in case they find your cat. Remember to give your phone number, but not your address. A small reward can get you a long way but it is not necessary.

Keep your Bengal Cat From Getting Lost

Often, the outside world is scary for a domesticated cat. The strange people in the strange environment may be frightening and ultimately threatening to your cat, prompting it to run away. In fact, many pet losses in the country can be attributed to the animals running away.

To protect your Bengal from loss, keeping it indoors is one way. This way, the cat remains in an environment where it feels secure and loved. What’s more, keeping your Bengal cat indoors protects it from traffic and unwelcome attention.

Another way is to place an identity tag on the collar of your cat. The identity tag contains your phone number and area code. This way, in case of a runaway and someone else finds your cat, the cat rescue center will have some means to contact you and inform you that your cat has been found. Remember not to put your name or your cat’s name on the tag. Neither should you place your address.

Protect Your Bengal Cat From Theft

Despite figures you read from the local news, Bengal cats are not as expensive as they are thought to be. Bengal cats for sale are priced realistically. Moreover, even if your animal is of show quality, it is not worth anything to anybody except its owner. A thief will have trouble trying to sell it, because Bengal cats have a small population and as such they are very easy to trace. True Bengal cats are registered and litters of stolen Bengals cannot be registered or shown because they have no pedigree.

If your cat is lost or stolen, don’t panic. There are several ways for you to recover your pet. Don’t let your imagination run amok with worst-case scenarios. Somebody may have taken your Bengal because they fell in love with it.