My Favorite Animal In The World; Domestic Cats

So, you’re considering getting a cat for pet. Cats are indeed nice pets to have. But before you do go out and get one of your own, there are certain things that you should consider first. Cats and humans have a long history together. Ever since the ancient times, cats have kept humans company, whether as mysterious creatures that stalk the night or as sacred animals that are revered by monks and royalty alike.

Domesticated cats may indeed be safe pets to have. But the main concern here is where did you get your cat from? Believe it or not, where your cat comes from plays a large role as to whether or not it will be a good pet for you. Today, cats have pretty much retained that aura of mystery around them. Independent yet not above getting all petted and pampered by their human owners, cats are a never-ending source of delight for cat lovers.

Before you start coming up with cat names for your pet, you first have to determine what kind of cat you want to have. For there are so many different cat breeds and types, ranging from street cats and alley cats to pure breed cats.

If you have a soft spot for street cats taken in by the pound, then you best check the local cat rescue animal shelter. They have a lot of abandoned cats there that you can take home with you. Imagine how you can improve the street cat’s life by providing it a loving cat house filled with the perks of cat living, namely cat cloths, cat beds, cat toys, and lots of cat food. Just be wary of the proper cat health because you never know the places street cats have been to. Cat allergies, for starters, are something you should watch out for when adopting such street cats.

But if you would prefer to have a cat of a certain breed, this still would not be a problem at all. In fact, there are a lot of pure breeds that you can choose from. There’s the Siamese cat, the Bengal cat, the Persian cat, and the Calico cat. But before we get into a deeper discussion of each breed, let us first be clear about one thing: the Cheshire cat is a fictional cat. It is not one of the feline breeds at all. The Cheshire cat is just the cat that appeared in the Walt Disney film, Alice in Wonderland. But because of its appearance, a lot of people have associated the Cheshire cat as one of the feline breeds. So, make no mistake about this anymore.

And now, for the different breeds. To start off, the Siamese cat is thought to be from Southeast Asia, from the temple cats of Siam, to be exact. Siam is now Thailand. Since they are thought to be originally from Siam, then they are named as such. The Siamese cat has creamy-based coat, and its ears, snout, lower legs, and paws are the parts that are colored. And they are known to be very intelligent cats.

The Bengal cat is quite the new feline hybrid breed. This cat is known to have spots and such, and a light belly. Have you ever seen a Tabby cat? That is quite the appearance of a Bengal cat, actually. The Bengal cat is of medium size, and there are also times when its markings are of rosette patterns.

The Persian cat, now this is a very popular feline breed. Just glancing at any cat photos would have you see that the Persian cat is definitely not a hairless cat. In fact, this cat is known as Longhair in Britain! Along with its thick coat, the Persian cat also has a wide head, short legs, and huge eyes. Their coat is so think that the Persian cat cannot groom itself on its own. A professional cat groomer is needed to do the job.

The Calico cat is characterized by the presence of mixed colors, usually of the shades red, brown, black, and cinnamon. The mixture of colors here is actually caused by the genetic traits of the cat itself. Phaeomelanin based colors are mixed with eumelanin ones. In layman’s terms, red-based colors are genetically mixed with black-based colors.

Now that you have an inkling on the different feline breeds, you’re better prepared to tackle the issue of choosing the perfect cat for you. It is recommended that you get the one you prefer the most, of course.

Food concerns

Cats are expert hunters with keen eyesight and excellent hearing. They certainly don’t need anyone providing them food. They are perfectly happy catching their own prey, much like the big cats you find in the wild. But call them with a bowl of warm milk and they’ll come bounding right in, making characteristic purring sounds.

Never forget that cats are carnivores. As such, their main diet should be comprised of protein – lots of it. But if you can manage to get cat foods that contain other nutrients and minerals, then that’s even better. Just make sure that the commercial cat food you’re getting does not contain potentially harmful chemicals from food preservatives.


Cats seem placid enough. They seem to love spending their days just lazing around the house, preferably at the top shelf of your bookstand or some other piece of furniture that lend them height. But present them with a strange cat that doesn’t suit their fancy and they’ll get into a cat fight faster than you can blink.

You can teach your cat good manners and better social skills if you want to avoid something like this. Don’t worry. Cats, like dogs, are intelligent creatures. In fact, many cat lovers would claim that they are more intelligent than most domesticated creatures, dogs included. But you’ve got to be patient in training your cat. Because of their sheer sense of self, cats can be quite stubborn and may not respond right away to training. If all else fails, call for help from a professional cat trainer.

my cat Cleo

Grooming and Healthcare

Cats are pleasantly easy to take care of. Because of their independent nature, they require very little from you other than your complete love and devotion. They’ll come and go as they please and act like they don’t care. But then on some nights, especially when it’s cold, they’ll come to you by the fire, curling around your lap and making the cat cutest look on their faces that no decent cat lover could resist.

While cats are fastidious groomers, they can do with some help. This is especially true if you have one of those long-haired breeds like the himalayan. Their hairs may form mats and tangles that get caught in their tongues and ingested in the process. The end result is hairball, which can’t be a pleasant experience for your cat. So if you want to save your cat from a hairball disaster, then get a brush and give your feline friend a regular brush down. And while you’re at it, you might want to seriously consider giving it a bath. There is nothing like a fresh-smelling cat around the house.

Cats don’t get sick easily, but what illness they have can be serious enough to require a visit to the veterinarian. The most severe illnesses of cats are genetic defects that have been passed on from one generation of cat to the next. Often, these defects are fatal, especially if they are not caught early. Because of this, cat breeders are being very careful in spaying and neutering cats that carry the defective genes. That way, they can’t pass on their genes to their litter.

So how do you avoid the heartbreak of getting a new cat only to find out later that you might be forced to put him down because of his illness? The best way, of course, is to always make sure that you see the papers of the cat’s parents to check for history of any genetic diseases.